Kids Stand Up Paddle Board Racing is AWESOME

Kids SUP by GromSUP

Kids SUP by GromSUPInstructor mom Allison Vodola and sons BrendanTyler and Ayden are involved in a sport somewhat unseen. Paddle Boarding.

“I have been paddle boarding for five years,” said Allison. “I am a private instructor and also work for DownUnder in Westport and Roywaton.”

“I take them out every day to practice sprints and turns,” said their mom.

All three raced at Candlewood Lake on July 29 where Kristen Hart hosted the SUP race. Brendan, Tyler and Ayden came in first place over the mile course.  

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Nancy Breakstone, coach of the race team, and her little racers are raising the bar in kids stand up paddle boarding, and we LOVE where they are going!  I actually had the pleasure of speaking with Nancy earlier this spring, she explained to me that she was promoting kids stand up paddle board racing as an option for the children in her community, and that she not only helped facilitate getting kids to paddleboard races, but that she was interested in formalizing a team and race program.  AWESOME IDEA, I thought; unfortunately, GromSUP had already finalized our 2013 line of paddleboards, and the Stoke 7’2″ kids stand up paddle board was to be the sole model upon which we are building our brand.  An amazing all-around board designed for beginner to intermediate pleasure paddling and SUP surfing, but a true race board, the Stoke 7’2″ is not.

The conversation stuck with me.  The design sketches started to pile up on my desk.  A formalized CAD drawing or 20 filled a folder on my hard drive.  A 2014 line of GromSUP boards began to take shape, and a youth touring and race board has made the cut!

But back to Nancy and her racers, these pioneers in the kids stand up paddle board arena are helping push new limits, opening new channels for kids to be healthy, athletic, competitive, and to HAVE FUN.  So congrats to the boys on their racing success, and a big THANK YOU to Nancy for putting your energy into making racing accessible for kids stand up paddle boarders!