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OK, so last summer, or perhaps the summer before, stand up paddle boarding officially became your family’s “outdoor sport of choice”.  Congratulations! SUP families are active, healthy, stewards of environmentalism, the envy of the neighborhood, and producers of the world’s

Make sure you lock down world’s best mom and dad titles this holiday season with GromSUP Stand Up Paddle Boards for your kids.  Gromsup boards are extra safe for kids of all ages due to their superior materials and craftsmanship.

Kids SUP by GromSUP

Instructor mom Allison Vodola and sons Brendan, Tyler and Ayden are involved in a sport somewhat unseen. Paddle Boarding.
“I have been paddle boarding for five years,” said Allison. “I am a private instructor and also work for DownUnder in Westport and Roywaton.”
“I take them out every