About GromSUP – Makers of the Best Kids Standup Paddleboards

Founded by (Old) Groms for Groms!

Ian Big WheelingGromSUP’s co-founders, Ian Danielson and Eric Back, have been playing on boards of all sorts for their whole lives; be it a skate, snow, wake or surfboard, they love them all.  So of course, as the phenomenon that is SUP swept through their beaches, they were quick to jump on board!  Beyond being friends and board-sport enthusiasts, Ian and Eric run an online sales and distribution company focused on kids outdoor recreation.  It didn’t take long for the two friends to develop a youth stand up paddle board that fit a glaring hole in the sport: high-quality construction, kid specific design, and youth appropriate price point.  Today, GromSUP boards are available in water sports stores in eleven different states, as well as directly online through store.grom-sup.com.  Do your kids love board sports, water sports, the outdoors, or just having fun??!!  Then what are you waiting for… get them a GromSUP!

The Best Option in Kids Paddleboards

Our flagship kids standup paddleboard, the Stoke, is the only kids paddleboard designed and shaped specifically for children, built from high-quality materials, and priced right for kids!  A smaller, sleeker and more lightweight board makes maneuverability a breeze on land and in the water. Paddleboarders have improved performance and are able to learn correct form with less chance of injury.

Eric Boogie BoardingPremium Built

Our boards are hand crafted with the same design components and materials of premium adult SUP’s which means less wear and tear on the boards over longer periods of time. Younger paddleboarders can safely enjoy their SUP’s for years until they are ready for an adult sized board.

Fun for the Whole Family

GromSUP™ knows that parents and kids of all ages are excited by SUPing and the Stoke model board is the optimal choice for groms weighing between 50 and 110 pounds. The Stoke is designed as an all-around board perfect for all skill levels of flat-water exploration and intermediate to advanced wave riders.