A Bargain in Outdoor Life, Kids Stand Up Paddleboards

GromSUP youth stand up paddle board

GromSUP youth stand up paddle boardWhat phrase comes to mind when a newbie decides they want to buy a new stand up paddle board? Sticker Shock.  An adult board ranging from $900 to $2,500, or more, can certainly catch people off guard, and perhaps put a little pit in their stomach.  When you get down to the numbers though, SUP is a bargain!  This of course, holds true for the kids stand up paddle boards.  Let’s have a look, focusing, of course on the grom, and compare some outdoor activities to the cost of a GromSUP kids stand up paddle board package: $860.  A package they will enjoy for many years, which includes everything you need to enjoy paddleboarding, less a $30 PFD.  We’ll round up to $900, and presume a short usable life span of 3 years (the younger groms will enjoy their board for twice that long, easily).  So total cost, $900, or $300 per year.

Do your kids ski or snowboard?

I like this analogy, both are active, outdoors activities on water, just in different physical states!  A little research shows me that a youth season pass, easily the best value for frequent skiers, costs $359 in the Tahoe region (the Epic Pass), $475 at Telluride in Colorado, and $549 at the Beast of the East, Killington, VT.  Of course, these passes are per year, and already put this activities price tag up over stand up paddleboarding.  Never mind shelling out for the gear, easily $300. Hotel rooms / time shares / second homes aren’t cheap either!  You get the point.  Winner: GromSUP kids stand up paddleboard packages.

How about water skiing or wakeboarding?

Oh boy, one word: boat.  Already have the boat?  Toss a GromSUP kids stand up paddleboard in the back for exploring the shore line while anchored in “party cove”!

Outdoor Adventure Summer Camp?

Well according to the American Camp Association, the average cost for a week of camp is $690, that’s going to add up quick over the course of 3 summers!  Best value, once again, GromSUP kids stand up paddleboard!

I could continue this list for quite some time. I could continue this list for quite some time, but I think that you all get the point.  Kids stand up paddleboards are a terrific value, the package from GromSUP is nearly everything you need to get on the water, and the oceans and lakes are free!  So what are you waiting for, go buy a GromSUP kids stand up paddleboard package now!  Still not convinced, pick up the phone and dial the number at the top of this page, press 1 for sales, and I’ll be happy to attempt to change your mind!